Beats: Middle East

A contemporary fusion of traditional, atmospheric Middle Eastern elements with cool, modern electronic beats and synths.

Albumes recomendados

Álbum Título Alt. Duración compo/artista Descripción Palabras claves
BIB068 Elixir
[BIB068 - 1]
0 2'41 Sajic, Michael Peter Dramatic, atmospheric, sophisticated. Upbeat Middle Eastern melodies with stylish strings [...] catchy, música del medio oriente, robótico, determinado, electro clash [...]
BIB068 The Grand Bazaar
[BIB068 - 2]
0 2'32 Sibley, Matthew Leigh, Trivelli, Giacomo Antonio Stylish, upbeat, modern. Sophisticated track featuring confident Middle Eastern strings and [...] catchy, upbeat electro, groovy, Oriente Medio y Magreb, aire libre [...]
BIB068 East West
[BIB068 - 3]
0 2'15 Agca, Omer Cool, brooding & dramatic Middle Eastern Hip Hop. Attitude-filled urban track with plenty [...] catchy, actitud, marcato, discotecas, animado [...]
BIB068 Sultan s Alchemy
[BIB068 - 4]
0 2'52 Sajic, Michael Peter Hypnotic, panoramic, inspiring Middle Eastern beats. Upbeat guitar melodies interweave with [...] determinado, marcato, desierto cálido, Oriente Medio y Magreb, rítmica [...]
BIB068 Sultanzade
[BIB068 - 5]
0 3'05 Sibley, Matthew Leigh, Trivelli, Giacomo Antonio Intense, building, contemporary Middle Eastern beats. Sophisticated strings and atmospheric [...] Oriente Medio y Magreb, catchy, geopolítica, discotecas, determinado [...]
BIB068 Zenith
[BIB068 - 6]
0 3'39 Sajic, Michael Peter Cool, stylish, contemporary. Deep synth bass with expressive, sophisticated Middle Eastern [...] determinado, Oriente Medio y Magreb, exaltado, hipnótico, panorámico [...]
BIB068 Azimuth
[BIB068 - 7]
0 4'09 Sajic, Michael Peter Brooding, atmospheric, contemporary. Stylish strings with hypnotic synths, emotive, [...] determinado, Oriente Medio y Magreb, marcato, catchy, exaltado [...]
BIB068 Red Sea Sunset
[BIB068 - 8]
0 3'31 Sibley, Matthew Leigh, Trivelli, Giacomo Antonio Mesmerising, inspiring, contemporary. Beautiful Middle Eastern vocals and vocal FX, [...] panorámico, aire libre, atmosférica, desierto cálido, electro world [...]
BIB068 Lost In The Desert
[BIB068 - 9]
0 3'49 Sibley, Matthew Leigh, Trivelli, Giacomo Antonio Cool, contemporary, atmospheric. Relaxed electronic beats with dreamy, wordless female [...] marcato, catchy, Oriente Medio y Magreb, atmosférica, animado [...]
BIB068 Say What
[BIB068 - 10]
0 2'03 Agca, Omer Gritty, urban, dramatic. Middle Eastern melodies interweave with cool, contemporary synths, [...] marcato, actitud, Oriente Medio y Magreb, percusiva, entrecortado [...]
BIB068 The Night Market
[BIB068 - 11]
0 2'15 Sibley, Matthew Leigh, Trivelli, Giacomo Antonio Cool, Middle Eastern, late night drum and bass. Tough, restless beats with distant, [...] drum & bass, panorámico, deportes mecánicos, marcato, atmosférica [...]
BIB068 Downtown Dubai
[BIB068 - 12]
0 2'34 Sibley, Matthew Leigh, Trivelli, Giacomo Antonio Panoramic, cinematic & atmospheric. Traditional Middle Eastern guitars and suspenseful [...] electro world, panorámico, nocturno, aire libre, marcato [...]
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