Born in 1984 in South Korea, Benoît Cimbé has above all forged a complete classical repertoire through the study of the piano, clarinet, orchestration, and harmony. He is graduate of the École Normale de Musique de Paris, of the Paris Conservatory and holder of a Master in Musicology from Sorbonne University.

Composer and Music Designer for the luxury industry, he also specializes in audio branding and the creation of sound identities at the service of brands.

He regularly collaborates with other artists in the field of contemporary art, where he creates sound scenographies for artworks and exhibitions.

Fascinated by the poetry of the perfect marriage between music and images, he writes music for cinema, exploring a range of styles ranging from orchestral music to score writing with more hybrid and electronic themes and variations.

Benoît Cimbé regularly composes and produces music for Cezame Music Agency, with whom he has happily collaborated for several years.

Álbum Título Alt. Duración compo/artista Descripción Palabras claves
CEZ4476 Bright and Sunny
[CEZ4476 - 4]
0 2'34 Cimbé, Benoit Peaceful, celestial, translucent & bright. Synth pads, sparse piano & light rhythm @ 1'11. [...] reporte del clima, neutral, apacible, de ensueño, aérea [...]
CEZ4476 A Sprinkling of Snow in the Morning
[CEZ4476 - 8]
0 2'19 Cimbé, Benoit Static, crystalline, sparse, almost silent & discreet. Chimes, nu piano, strings & [...] reporte del clima, cristalina, neutral, apacible, calmado [...]
CEZ4476 Voice of the Trade Winds
[CEZ4476 - 14]
0 2'13 Cimbé, Benoit Fairy-like, mysterious, astral & dreamy in an esoteric spirit. Female voice with echo fx, [...] mágico, fx reverb, reporte del clima, new age, de ensueño [...]
CEZ4476 Nimbus Cloud
[CEZ4476 - 19]
0 2'08 Cimbé, Benoit Delicate, sparse, contemplative & undulating. Electronics, strings & piano. Suggested for [...] despojada, reporte del clima, en suspenso, apacible, delicada [...]
CEZ4476 Sundowner
[CEZ4476 - 22]
0 2'09 Cimbé, Benoit Undulating, soft, neutral & suspended. Synth pads, piano, sound design & light rhythmic. [...] reporte del clima, neutral, apacible, introspectivo, ondulante [...]
CEZ4476 Summer Rain
[CEZ4476 - 23]
0 1'48 Cimbé, Benoit Delicate, narrative & peaceful. Marimba, electronics with echo fx, strings & double bass. lluvia, reporte del clima, neutral, delicada, marimba [...]
CEZ4476 Still and Calm
[CEZ4476 - 25]
0 2'44 Cimbé, Benoit Static, contemplative, minimalist & intimate. Piano, strings & layers. Weather forecast bed. neutral, de ensueño, apacible, en suspenso, luminoso [...]
CEZ4465 Preparing the Burrow
[CEZ4465 - 16]
0 2'23 Cimbé, Benoit Travel. Animals. Jerky & happy. Build up gradually. Mufled piano, pizz, percussions & [...] campo y jardín, cíclico, determinado, interrogativo, confiado [...]
CEZ4465 The Rights of Nature
[CEZ4465 - 7]
0 3'02 Cimbé, Benoit Nature. Animals. Confident & desolate. Piano, string ensemble, glockenspiel & flute. campo y jardín, tierno, artesanal, cine francés, delicada [...]
CEZ4465 Faith in Nature
[CEZ4465 - 15]
0 2'03 Cimbé, Benoit Animals. Travel. Airy & positive. Celesta, glockenspiel, strings & piano @ 0'30. campo y jardín, de ensueño, en suspenso, narrativo, tierno [...]
CEZ4465 Murmuration of Birds
[CEZ4465 - 1]
0 2'24 Cimbé, Benoit Nature. Opening title. Interrogative, panoramic & cyclic. String ensemble, woodwind and [...] campo y jardín, bosque templado , créditos TV, pastoral, encantador [...]
CEZ4465 From Chrysalis to Butterfly
[CEZ4465 - 14]
1 2'59 Cimbé, Benoit Animals, nature. Delicate and suspensful. String ensemble & piano. eclosión, campo y jardín, delicada, en suspenso, aves [...]
CEZ4465 From Chrysalis to Butterfly (Alternate [...]
[CEZ4465 - 22]
0 2'55 Cimbé, Benoit No flute version. Animals, nature. Delicate and suspensful. String ensemble & piano. campo y jardín, eclosión, delicada, en suspenso, desgarrador [...]
CEZ4465 The Astonishment of Nature
[CEZ4465 - 13]
0 3'01 Cimbé, Benoit Travel. Nature. Animals. Cyclic & uplifting. Piano, celesta, sequencing & string ensemble @ [...] traveling, bosque templado , campo y jardín, confiado, exaltado [...]
CEZ4465 Sweet Little Lamb
[CEZ4465 - 18]
0 2'44 Cimbé, Benoit Nature. Animals. Childhood. Tender & nostalgic. Harp, celesta, piano & string ensemble @ [...] campo y jardín, tierno, celesta, delicada, melancólico [...]
CEZ4465 The First Snowflakes
[CEZ4465 - 20]
0 2'50 Cimbé, Benoit Little animals. Nature sleeping. Winter. Cildhood. Airy & delicate. Piano, celsta & string [...] celesta, bosque templado , campo y jardín, fantasía, mágico [...]
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