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Christof Déjean

Born 1963 of a German mother - a top-level conference interpteter -  and a French father whose vocation was in the dramatic and oratory arts. This atmosphere of clear-sighted open-mindedness would characterize the life and work of Christof Déjean. Inspired at his father's side by the emerging Magma and the extraordinary Christian Vander, he began playing drums, discovered Coltrane and Miles, and set up his own recording studio. Sound engineer, theatre-music composer, contributor to numerous music/technical magazines, he then formed the group "Insight" in 1998, playing drums. The group's first album got four stars in "Jazzman" magazine. Christf Déjean was a self-taught quiet man of genius. A cinephile, he quite naturally moved into composing music to image. His committment and artistic integrity kept him rigourously clear of the "elevator" music so prevalent at the time and inevitably led to a firm collabration with Frédéric Leibovitz and Fraçoise Marchesseau, like-minded music publishers. Christof Déjean, eclectic, sensitive, impassioned, was killed in a gliding accident on August 11th. 2006. He was 43 years old.

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