Gréco Casadesus began his career as artistic director in the EMI classical department where he worked alongside the grand masters : Rostropovitch, Prêtre, Maazel and Bernstein whose work influenced and enriched his musical language and orchestration style. He has since composed hundreds of works for cinema, theatre, television, for chamber groups and symphony orchestra (read more in Bio)

Classically trained but equally at home in computer-based music, his compositions are melodic and rich in colour, marrying orchestral ensembles with the palette of electronics. Thirty years of experience, largely in the audiovisual sphere have earned him a deverved reputation as a leader in his field.
He has recently composed scores for two movies : La guerre d’Hollywood by Michel Viotte and Jusqu'au dernier by William Karel, and an album dedicated to and performed by master clarinetist David Krakauer.
He is also founder/president of the UCMF (Association of Film Composers).
In 2003, the revue Musique Info Hebdo named him "Personality of the year".
In 2012, he was awarded the Henri-Langlois career achievements prize.

Álbum Título Alt. Duración compo/artista Descripción Palabras claves
CEZ4057 New World
[CEZ4057 - 2]
0 4'48 Casadesus, Gréco Beauty of the sea. Slow string swells. grandes espacios, mar & fondo marino, aventura, majestuoso, alta mar [...]
CEZ4057 Spice Route
[CEZ4057 - 3]
0 3'32 Casadesus, Gréco Wonderment & expanse. Gentle motioning strings. Accordion @ 2'00. aventura, aérea, majestuoso, mar & fondo marino, orquesta de cuerdas [...]
CEZ4104 High Plains
[CEZ4104 - 2]
0 2'43 Casadesus, Gréco Majestic & panoramic. Large orchestra with French horns & oboe. destino, grandes espacios, orquesta de cuerdas, panorámico, western contemporáneo [...]
CEZ4104 Across The Bridge
[CEZ4104 - 6]
0 2'23 Casadesus, Gréco Solemn & suspended. Large orchestra with oboe. drama psicológico, en suspenso, destino, grandes espacios, orquesta de cuerdas [...]
CEZ4104 Wonderland
[CEZ4104 - 12]
0 2'16 Casadesus, Gréco Bewitching & mysterious. Large orchestra with harp & celesta. fantasía, luminoso, orquesta de cuerdas, panorámico, serie contemporánea [...]
CEZ4101 Success Story
[CEZ4101 - 2]
0 1'36 Casadesus, Gréco Triumphal & uplifting. Symphony orchestra. película corporativa, triunfante, cabalgata, confiado, determinado [...]
CEZ4101 Together for Change
[CEZ4101 - 6]
1 2'54 Casadesus, Gréco Confident & moving. Constant progression. Piano & orchestra. amor, unificador, música neo clásica, emotivo, película corporativa [...]
CEZ4101 Together for Change 2
[CEZ4101 - 30]
0 1'49 Casadesus, Gréco Confident & moving. Solo piano. sencillo, amor, campo y jardín, película corporativa, grandes espacios [...]
CEZ4101 A New Day Dawns
[CEZ4101 - 8]
0 1'46 Casadesus, Gréco Resolute & majestic. Constant progression. Piano, horns & string ensemble. película corporativa, política, solemne, confiado, unificador [...]
CEZ4101 State of the Heart
[CEZ4101 - 9]
0 1'55 Casadesus, Gréco Moving & delicate. Piano, string ensemble & horns. destino, unificador, majestuoso, apacible, sentimental [...]
CEZ4057 Odyssey
[CEZ4057 - 6]
0 1'53 Casadesus, Gréco Mysterious & beautiful. Descending strings with haunting melody. aventura, desgarrador, trágico, sentimental, destino [...]
CEZ4053 Grand Canyon
[CEZ4053 - 30]
0 2'28 Casadesus, Gréco Panoramic & airy. Symphonic orchestra. panorámico, apacible, grandes espacios, orquesta de cuerdas, de ensueño [...]
CEG5018 Heart of Mystery
[CEG5018 - 19]
0 1'42 Casadesus, Gréco Regular heartbeat, dark moving drone & string. Suggested for industrial drama & ecological danger. desastre natural, drone, siniestro, en suspenso, espionaje [...]
CEZ4104 Early Springs
[CEZ4104 - 9]
0 2'35 Casadesus, Gréco Confident & bucolic. Large orchestra with clarinet. amor, grandes espacios, orquesta de cuerdas, panorámico, pastoral [...]
CEZ4104 The House On The Hill
[CEZ4104 - 15]
0 3'38 Casadesus, Gréco Interrogative & bucolic. Large orchestra with clarinet. orquesta de cuerdas, panorámico, serie contemporánea, fantasía, misterioso [...]
CEZ4104 Still Horizon
[CEZ4104 - 16]
0 4'05 Casadesus, Gréco Sad & suspended. Large orchestra. amor, destino, orquesta de cuerdas, serie contemporánea, emotivo [...]
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