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Alain Kremski

(1940 - 2018) The strange voyage of Alain Kremski. A brilliant student, encouraged by Stravinsky, Boulanger, Milhaud and Messiaen, he abandoned the more obvious musical route to pursue the mystical universe of temple bells, gongs and bowls. He won the Prix de Rome for composition and was in residence for three years at the Villa Médicis where he established a firm friendship with Balthus, built on a shared passion for painting, sculpture, literature and travel...His compositions do not seek to evoke the sacred music of the Far East and its ritualstic codes, but find their place in the context of contemporary music where East and West coincide. Kremski would, modestly, consider them as an homage to Tibethan civilization and the its precious spirituality which Western culture must preserve at all costs. His album "Résonance/Mouvements" for piano, percussions, bowls et gongs (Cézame "Carte Blanche" 1002) is a collection of works composed for the ballet.

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