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Electro Minimalism (CEZ4059)

1.0 - The Theory Of Clouds - XLR 8 - Squaring The Circle - Species Of Space - Noise As Art. Electronic music is rarely in the media limelight. The public at large is virtually unaware of its history and of its main players. Nonetheless, it is omnipresent. Imperceptibly, it has infiltrated our culture on so many levels, particularly in the audio-visual field. Composers of electronic music are most likely to be found in discotheques, studio/laboratories, or avant-garde cultural installations. But their music, in fact, reaches our ears along subtle and devious paths. « Les Experts » a prime-time T.V. series leans heavily undergound composers ; the movies of Gus Van Sant or Radio France title music prove that this musical genre, often in its most creative form, is pivotal in our audio-visual landscape. Christian Zanesi steers a remarkable course between the « musique concrete » tradition and the digital new wave. He presents us here with solo works which are an invitation to a new generation to explore the demanding world of sound at the service of the visual. (Jean-Yves Leloup)

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