Dramatic Landscapes: Mountain Peaks

Panoramic, expansive and inspiring tracks featuring emotive piano, expressive strings and mysterious hang drum. Beautiful, hopeful and poignant, perfect for documentaries, drama, nature and landscapes.

Albumes recomendados

Álbum Título Alt. Duración compo/artista Descripción Palabras claves
BIB080 The Final Climb
[BIB080 - 1]
0 3'01 Hill, Matthew James Nostalgic, panoramic, inspiring. Atmospheric guitars with expansive reverb weave with emotive and [...] en suspenso, apacible, panorámico, serie contemporánea, atmosférica [...]
BIB080 Summit
[BIB080 - 2]
0 3'00 Hill, Matthew James Panoramic, reflective, emotional. Mysterious hang drum tones with thoughtful piano and poignant, [...] destino, melancólico, serie contemporánea, desastre natural, introspectivo [...]
BIB080 Snow Line
[BIB080 - 3]
0 2'49 Hill, Matthew James Expansive, panoramic, emotive. Restless, searching piano chords with atmospheric acoustic guitar are [...] destino, en suspenso, serie contemporánea, triste, aérea [...]
BIB080 Long Descent
[BIB080 - 4]
0 3'00 Hill, Matthew James Emotive, panoramic, heartwarming. Innocent acoustic guitar with nostalgic piano interweaves with [...] drama psicológico, delicada, drama social, emotivo, en suspenso [...]
BIB080 Highlands
[BIB080 - 5]
0 3'16 Hill, Matthew James Hopeful, expansive, peaceful. Bright and innocent piano is joined by expressive and atmospheric strings. [...] desastre natural, emotivo, en suspenso, post-classical, aérea [...]
BIB080 View from Above
[BIB080 - 6]
0 2'43 Hill, Matthew James Hopeful, expansive, emotive. Intriguing, positive piano melodies are joined by poignant, reflective [...] destino, en suspenso, melancólico, post-classical, desastre natural [...]
BIB080 Aurora Borealis
[BIB080 - 7]
0 2'50 Hill, Matthew James Hopeful, inspiring, peaceful. Innocent, emotive piano with expressive, expansive strings. Beautiful and [...] desastre natural, indolente, apacible, serie contemporánea, destino [...]
BIB080 Alpine
[BIB080 - 8]
0 2'50 Hill, Matthew James Inspiring, panoramic, emotive. Bright, glistening atmospheres and soft piano with expansive reverb and [...] desierto frío, apacible, ambient, espacio, de ensueño [...]
BIB080 Sierra
[BIB080 - 9]
0 2'39 Hill, Matthew James Emotive, panoramic, dramatic. Melancholic, mournful piano is joined by dynamic, expressive violin and [...] destino, desastre natural, errante, serie contemporánea, drama social [...]
BIB080 Up In the Clouds
[BIB080 - 10]
0 2'38 Hill, Matthew James Poignant, expressive, expansive. Bright and innocent solo piano, joined by subtle, expressive strings in [...] en suspenso, apacible, serie contemporánea, desierto frío, destino [...]
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