Typicals Remixes

La Fine Equipe offers 5 remixes of Typical Boy. Patchworks, Hugo LX, Everydayz, Ténéré & Marina Trench, Jazly, all of them took the song and extracted a new identity to a song with many unsuspected potentials. From trap to house music, passing by funky groove and baile sounds, Typical Boy is reinvented to make us dance even more.

Albumes recomendados

Álbum Título Alt. Duración compo/artista Descripción Palabras claves
NOW107 Typical Boy ft Zefire (Patchworks Remix)
[NOW107 - 1]
0 3'35 La Fine Equipe, Patchworks, Zéfire Pop song. Groovy, solar & catchy. Male singer, sampled male voice, electric key & rhythm. catchy, groovy, entrecortado, cantante (masculino), teclado eléctrico [...]
NOW107 Typical Boy ft Zefire (Hugo Lx Remix)
[NOW107 - 2]
0 5'47 Hugo LX, La Fine Equipe, Zéfire House. Confident & rhythmic. Male singer, electric key, synth & rhythm. percusión electrónica, bailable, rítmica, sintetizador, arty [...]
NOW107 Typical Boy Feat. ZéFire (Everydayz [...]
[NOW107 - 3]
0 3'39 La Fine Equipe Trap / pop. Urban, heavy & undulating. Drop @ 2'05. Male singer, synth & rhythm. percusión electrónica, trap, urbano, arty, catchy [...]
NOW107 Typical Boy Feat. ZéFire (Jazly Remix)
[NOW107 - 4]
0 4'12 La Fine Equipe Pop song / reggaeton. Rhythmic, urban & exotic. Male singer & rhythm. cantante (masculino), exótico, publicidad, rítmico, personas [...]
NOW107 Typical Boy ft Zefire (Marina Trench & [...]
[NOW107 - 5]
0 5'16 De Angelis, Ugo, Gibert, Mathieu , Leibovitz, Vincent, Luvisi, Pascal House. Danceable, lively & positive. Sampled male voice, synth & rhythm. bailable, house, catchy, discotecas, determinado [...]
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