Grégory Cotti, pianist-composer, born in Metz  February 28, 1984.
Conservatoty graduate in classical music and jazz then studied orchestration with Filippo Zapponi.
He moved on to explore "modern music » at the "Didier Lockwood Music Centre" in Paris.
Back in his native Lorraine, he collaborated with several Jazz and Rock groups and got seriously involved in computer music.
He participated in Apaxx design training with musician Jean-Louis Hennequin and learned film-scoring techniques from the Logic Pro software. He got his Pro Logic Master certificate in 2013. His love for the cinema inevitably led him to examine in depth the relationship between music and image and he met composer Greco Casadesus during the  "Laboratory of Film Music " seminar in 2014. He continues to collaborate with Casadesus on film scores, orchestration and, notably, works for the Cezame Music agency.
He now focuses on composition for films, video games, documentaries and TV commercials.
His work in all these areas is characterized by richness of tone and subtlety of colour.

Álbum Título Alt. Duración compo/artista Descripción Palabras claves Key BPM
ISC005 The Girl in Red
[ISC005 - 1]
0 2'44 Cotti, Gregory Jazzy/boogie & slightly up-tempo solo piano bar with rolling left hand ostinato & free [...] club de jazz, jazzy, con clase, piano acústico, 1950 [...] 154
ISC005 Dreaming in Black and White
[ISC005 - 2]
0 3'12 Cotti, Gregory Rubato intro. Sentimental, intimate & cosy. Solo piano like in a love scene in a film noir [...] íntimo, cine negro, piano acústico, piano bar, sentimental [...] 143
ISC005 In the Dark
[ISC005 - 3]
0 2'43 Cotti, Gregory Bluesy, sophisticated, fancy, sultry, classy & slightly disillusioned piano improvisation. [...] bluesy, indolente, club de jazz, piano acústico, confiado [...] 89
ISC005 Silky Smooth
[ISC005 - 4]
0 1'58 Cotti, Gregory Mellow, intimate & gentle solo piano in an old-fashioned mood. Perfect for romantic scenes [...] amor, comedia romántica, íntimo, piano acústico, piano bar [...] 62
ISC005 Good Reasons
[ISC005 - 5]
0 2'03 Cotti, Gregory Bluesy & jazzy solo piano. Groovy, cool, edgy, syncopated & a bit demanding. Emotional & [...] piano acústico, confiado, groovy, club de jazz, emotivo [...] 144
ISC005 Moonlight in Paris
[ISC005 - 6]
0 2'08 Cotti, Gregory Cool & classy solo piano. Sophisticated, seductive, charming & old-fashioned. In a [...] con clase, encantador, club de jazz, piano acústico, piano bar [...] 89
ISC005 Sophisticated Rumba
[ISC005 - 7]
0 2'16 Cotti, Gregory Solo piano on a rumba rhythm. Elegantly danceable, exotic, graceful & jazzy. Old-fashioned [...] con clase, piano bar, club de jazz, piano acústico, rumba [...] 120
ISC005 My Hiding Place
[ISC005 - 8]
0 2'51 Cotti, Gregory Emotional, delicate & quiet solo piano. Not so strict waltz. Suspended, touching, sparse, [...] amor, íntimo, piano acústico, calmado, drama social [...] 77
ISC005 Blue
[ISC005 - 9]
0 2'33 Cotti, Gregory Groovy, jazzy & bluesy in the spirit of the 40's & 50's. Solo piano with boogie-woogie riff [...] bluesy, club de jazz, cine retro, confiado, groovy [...] 105
ISC005 Morning Bliss
[ISC005 - 10]
0 2'31 Cotti, Gregory Moving, inspired & beautiful solo piano ballad in the style of a japanese film score. apasionado, anime & manga (Japan), baladas, emotivo, piano acústico [...] 111
CEG5030 A Kid from the Bronx
[CEG5030 - 1]
0 2'18 Cotti, Gregory Urgent & enigmatic. In the spirit of the 70's & 80's detective series. Woodwind, brass, [...] jazzy, misterioso, espionaje, cine negro, interrogativo [...] Cm 114
CEG5030 On Sunset Strip
[CEG5030 - 4]
0 1'38 Cotti, Gregory Positive, energetic & urgent. In the spirit of 70's / 80's police series opening credits. [...] comedia policiaca, series americanas retro, animado, policial, guitarra wah-wah [...] Am 124
CEG5030 New-York Buddies
[CEG5030 - 7]
0 2'06 Cotti, Gregory Wandering, nocturnal mood reminiscent of US indie movies from the 60's / 70's. Jazz quartet [...] club de jazz, nocturno, cuarteto de jazz, cinematic jazz, cine negro [...] Cm 115
CEG5030 An Actor, a Legend
[CEG5030 - 11]
0 2'13 Cotti, Gregory Jazz ballad. Melancholic, cosy & thoughtful. Trumpet, strings, piano & double bass. The [...] balada jazz, íntimo, misterioso, nocturno, cine negro [...] Gm 68
CEZ4443 Can the World Save Us?
[CEZ4443 - 1]
0 02'03 Cotti, Gregory, Dirat, Jérémy Opening title. Exhilarating & determined. Keyboard, electric guitar, sequencing & rhythm. [...] créditos TV, exaltado, cinematic, determinado, historia contemporánea [...] Dm 92
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BPM 10
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