Music for Contemporary Art

Contemporary art stuns, surprises and sometimes worries. Whatever its mode of expression, installations, sculptures, videos or performances, it questions the world around us and anticipates the evolution of our societies. Cyclical and minimalist, the music of Jonathan Fitoussi is inspired by his numerous collaborations with the worlds of arts, danse & fashion. A repertoire at the border of experimental music, which evokes the relationship of art to technology, science and man.

Albumes recomendados

Álbum Título Alt. Duración compo/artista Descripción Palabras claves
CEZ4421 Mechanical Civilization
[CEZ4421 - 1]
0 02'44 Fitoussi, Jonathan Regular, heady & mechanical. Analog modular synth. Pro One synthesizer. Suggested for [...] arte contemporáneo, sintetizador análogo, mecánico, diseño y arquitectura, hipnótico [...]
CEZ4421 The Hidden Meaning of Everything
[CEZ4421 - 2]
0 03'59 Fitoussi, Jonathan Calm, haunting, repetitive & hypnotic. Cosmic music. Constant arpeggio & synth pads. Ems [...] cibernética, hipnótico, arte contemporáneo, sintetizador análogo, cíclico [...]
CEZ4421 Sound Sculpture
[CEZ4421 - 3]
0 03'09 Fitoussi, Jonathan Percussive, clincking, constant & mysterious. Baschet sound sculpture & Buchla synthesizer. [...] arte contemporáneo, constante, cíclico, hipnótico, misterioso [...]
CEZ4421 Game of Lights
[CEZ4421 - 4]
0 02'11 Fitoussi, Jonathan Animated, almost childish, light & luminous. Analog modular synth. Ems synthi aks. [...] arte contemporáneo, diseño y arquitectura, sintetizador análogo, cíclico, hipnótico [...]
CEZ4421 A Contemplative Moment
[CEZ4421 - 5]
0 03'09 Fitoussi, Jonathan Pensive, restrained, introspective & cosmic. Analog synth pads & Crystal Baschet instrument. arte contemporáneo, artes, místico, sintetizador análogo, en suspenso [...]
CEZ4421 The Mysterious Attraction of Patterns
[CEZ4421 - 6]
0 02'58 Fitoussi, Jonathan Circular, repetitive & minimalist loop? In the spirit of the 70's. Analog modular synth. [...] arte contemporáneo, sintetizador análogo, cíclico, diseño y arquitectura, hipnótico [...]
CEZ4421 A Question of Meaning
[CEZ4421 - 7]
0 03'29 Fitoussi, Jonathan Dreamy, cyclic, delicate & luminous. Analog synth loop. Pro One synthesizer. arte contemporáneo, calmado, en suspenso, sintetizador análogo, ambient [...]
CEZ4421 Computer Art Exhibition
[CEZ4421 - 8]
0 03'30 Fitoussi, Jonathan Urgent, animated, mechanichal & repetitive. Modular analog synth. Buchla synthesizer. sintetizador análogo, hipnótico, urgente, arte contemporáneo, cíclico [...]
CEZ4421 The Marvels of Abstraction
[CEZ4421 - 9]
0 02'13 Fitoussi, Jonathan Light, almost childish, luminous & constant. Analog synth. Pro One synthesizer arte contemporáneo, cíclico, sintetizador análogo, constante, hipnótico [...]
CEZ4421 Kinetic Art
[CEZ4421 - 10]
0 03'39 Fitoussi, Jonathan Very fast, hypnotic, heady, mechanical & urgent. Pro One analog synth. arte contemporáneo, hipnótico, sintetizador análogo, industria, urgente [...]
CEZ4421 Crystal Art Installation
[CEZ4421 - 11]
0 02'23 Fitoussi, Jonathan Luminous, crystalline, evanescent & peaceful. Analog synth. Ems synthi aks. arte contemporáneo, cristalina, despojada, luminoso, arte abstracto [...]
CEZ4421 The Image Mill
[CEZ4421 - 12]
0 03'07 Fitoussi, Jonathan Flowing, repetitive, heady, mechanical but light. Arpeggiator & Ems synthi aks. cíclico, arte contemporáneo, burbujeante, arpegiador, arty [...]
CEZ4421 Music Fountain
[CEZ4421 - 13]
0 03'34 Fitoussi, Jonathan Flowing, quiete, gracious, repetitive & serene. Analog synth. Moog synthesizer arte contemporáneo, fluido, luminoso, música minimalista, sintetizador análogo [...]
CEZ4421 Retinal Perception
[CEZ4421 - 14]
0 01'50 Fitoussi, Jonathan Jerky, intermittent, animated & regular. Analogic Bucla synthesizer. Suggested for Op Art. arte contemporáneo, sintetizador análogo, arty, misterioso, ciencias [...]
CEZ4421 Refraction in a Glass Prism
[CEZ4421 - 15]
0 03'33 Fitoussi, Jonathan Ethereal, peaceful, luminous & reflective. Analog synth. Ems synthi aks. arte contemporáneo, calmado, en suspenso, sintetizador análogo, constante [...]
CEZ4421 The Evolution of the Mental Image
[CEZ4421 - 16]
0 04'17 Fitoussi, Jonathan Cyclic, crystalline, repetitive & scientific. Analog synth. Ems synthi aks. arte contemporáneo, arte abstracto, calmado, sintetizador análogo, cíclico [...]
CEZ4421 Holographic Art
[CEZ4421 - 17]
0 02'58 Fitoussi, Jonathan sparse, suspended, atmospheric & scientific. Analog synth. Ems synthi aks. despojada, arte contemporáneo, arty, en suspenso, misterioso [...]
CEZ4421 Stroboscopic Phenomenon
[CEZ4421 - 18]
0 04'36 Fitoussi, Jonathan Very fast, hypnotic & whirling like a stroboscope. Analog synth. Pro one synthesizer. hipnótico, arte contemporáneo, sintetizador análogo, urgente, música electroacústica [...]
CEZ4421 Minimal Art
[CEZ4421 - 19]
0 04'22 Fitoussi, Jonathan Simple, minimaliste, crystalline, scientifique & narrative. Analog synth. arte contemporáneo, calmado, neutral, arte abstracto, en suspenso [...]
CEZ4421 A Cautious Approach
[CEZ4421 - 20]
0 03'01 Fitoussi, Jonathan Sparse, reflective, intermitten, scientific & narrative. Analog synth. Pro one synthesizer. arte contemporáneo, despojada, en suspenso, arty, calmado [...]
CEZ4421 The Slow Movement of Perception
[CEZ4421 - 21]
0 03'55 Fitoussi, Jonathan Waving, repetitive, flowing, scientific & anticipating. Analog synth. Ems synthi aks. arte contemporáneo, sintetizador análogo, hipnótico, atmosférica, cíclico [...]
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