Japan - From Tradition To Modern Age Vol 2

From strong percussion to flowing strings, flutes and wind instruments, these finely crafted traditional Japanese compositions are perfect for anything from a contemplative japanese garden, a beautiful elegant geisha, to epic shogun and samurai confrontations.

Albumes recomendados

Álbum Título Alt. Duración compo/artista Descripción Palabras claves
UBM2350 Asian Vacation
[UBM2350 - 1]
0 3'03 Namikoshi, Yu Cinematic classical japanese score, light, full with a deep drum underlay. destino, exaltado, grandes espacios, Japón, panorámico [...]
UBM2350 Shinbashi
[UBM2350 - 2]
0 1'42 Namikoshi, Yu Easy listening, flowing traditional japanese zither/koto type of instrument with flute [...] geopolítica, Japón, Koto, confiado, campo y jardín [...]
UBM2350 Heiwazima
[UBM2350 - 3]
0 3'03 Namikoshi, Yu Strong emotional epic composition. destino, determinado, exótico, Japón, misterioso [...]
UBM2350 Famous Hit
[UBM2350 - 4]
0 2'55 Namikoshi, Yu A percussive track that varies from light to deep tension. cinematic, determinado, esperando, ensamble de percusión, ensamble de percusiones étnicas [...]
UBM2350 Ebisu
[UBM2350 - 5]
0 2'54 Namikoshi, Yu A light airy traditional piece with stringed and wind instruments. cíclico, exótico, Japón, misterioso, patrimonio [...]
UBM2350 Fukushima
[UBM2350 - 6]
0 3'03 Namikoshi, Yu This flute dominated composition conveys a light suspense with flowing intensities. cinematic, determinado, misterioso, panorámico, exaltado [...]
UBM2350 Japanese Step
[UBM2350 - 7]
0 2'38 Namikoshi, Yu A strong flowing traditional track that would be perfect set to a trek along the japanese [...] geopolítica, grandes espacios, Japón, caminando, panorámico [...]
UBM2350 Gotanda
[UBM2350 - 8]
0 1'42 Namikoshi, Yu This string and light percussive track brings visions of ride through Rice paddy fields. Japón, Koto, panorámico, determinado, étnica y tradicional [...]
UBM2350 Wanokuni
[UBM2350 - 9]
0 2'27 Namikoshi, Yu A horn and string led orchestral classic piece for shoguns and samurai. destino, geopolítica, grandes espacios, Japón, Koto [...]
UBM2350 Jinbocho
[UBM2350 - 10]
0 1'42 Namikoshi, Yu A walk trough the japanese antique and curio shops would be ideal with this airy simple [...] determinado, Japón, urgente, aérea, cíclico [...]
UBM2350 Nanjing Dizi
[UBM2350 - 11]
0 2'48 Namikoshi, Yu Easy, positive and natural scenes in china or japan come to mind with this lovely flowing [...] calmado, grandes espacios, traveling, de ensueño, China [...]
UBM2350 Shinjuku
[UBM2350 - 12]
0 2'30 Namikoshi, Yu A busy simple traditional track with a light tension for light suspense. Japón, misterioso, urgente, determinado, étnica y tradicional [...]
UBM2350 Hiroshima
[UBM2350 - 13]
0 3'06 Namikoshi, Yu Epic and lightly bombastic scenes come to mind with this orchestral piece. determinado, exaltado, grandes espacios, panorámico, progresión [...]
UBM2350 Koto Impression
[UBM2350 - 14]
0 1'49 Namikoshi, Yu Simple yet deep and flowing with a light tension as a great backdrop for a multitude of [...] cinematic, determinado, interrogativo, Japón, Koto [...]
UBM2350 Kourakuen
[UBM2350 - 15]
0 2'30 Namikoshi, Yu Strong, simple and a lightly monotonous uneasy feeling for suspense filled moments. determinado, obstinado, cíclico, Japón, Koto [...]
UBM2350 Komagome
[UBM2350 - 16]
0 1'42 Namikoshi, Yu An easy flowing contemplative traditional track. shakuhashi , Japón, misterioso, determinado, étnica y tradicional [...]
UBM2350 East Drums
[UBM2350 - 17]
0 1'55 Namikoshi, Yu Strong dominant percussive composition. obstinado, percusiva, determinado, esperando, taiko [...]
UBM2350 Asian Units
[UBM2350 - 18]
0 1'56 Namikoshi, Yu A strong lightly threatening percussive soundscape. percusiva, obstinado, persecución, urgente, esperando [...]
UBM2350 Film Taiko
[UBM2350 - 19]
0 2'53 Namikoshi, Yu Epical orchestrated strong percussive dominated composition for strong expressive scenes. percusiva, cinematic, guerrero, inexorable, inquietante [...]
UBM2350 Tres Taiko
[UBM2350 - 20]
0 2'06 Namikoshi, Yu Suspense and tension filled elements in this percussive piece. obstinado, percusiva, taiko , inquietante, Japón [...]
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