Trifouille1er - Base Bouche

Trifouille 1er is a specialist of experimentations involving sounds as the EP « Base Bouche » shows it. Through « Base Bouche » EP, underground tale told by a synth playing overloaded notes, the producer dives us into his chaotic universe where he unleash himself from his musical formation to leave the melody on the side and focus on the sound texture. Mad sound scientist, Trifouille1er presents his universe with no introduction and enjoy a total freedom of production to deliver the fruit of many sound experimentations and influence blending from the electronic of Siriusmo and Flying Lotus to hip hop classics.

Albumes recomendados

Álbum Título Alt. Duración compo/artista Descripción Palabras claves
NOW121 Le ivrogne
[NOW121 - 1]
0 2'48 Trifouille1er Abstract hip-hop. Sounds experiments. Rough, intense & insidious. Samples, analogic synth & [...] pesado, abstract hip-hop, insidioso, investigación, obstinado [...]
NOW121 Station Cloaque
[NOW121 - 2]
0 1'38 Trifouille1er Abstract hip-hop. Jerky, rhythmic & fat Samples, analogic synth & hip-hop rhythm. abstract hip-hop, obstinado, percusión electrónica, entrecortado, sintetizador [...]
NOW121 Analog pizza
[NOW121 - 3]
0 5'17 Trifouille1er Experimental electro. Samples, analogic synth & hip-hop rhythm. Samples, analogic synth & [...] percusión electrónica, sintetizador, electro experimental, pesado, obstinado [...]
NOW121 F1T3N
[NOW121 - 4]
0 4'22 Trifouille1er Experimental electro. Heavy, disturbing & insisting. Analogic synth & rhythm. determinado, electro clash, electro experimental, obstinado, percusión electrónica [...]
NOW121 Quelques ratons laveurs
[NOW121 - 5]
0 3'26 Trifouille1er Experimental electro. Special, percussive & oppressive. Analogic synth & rhythm. percusión electrónica, sintetizador, electro clash, electro experimental, animado [...]
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